My name is Chris Church and welcome to my website.

I currently work for BT as software tester at Adastral Park, Ipswich.

I am also a freelance web designer, building sites for various people and purposes. A few examples of my work can be found below:

TL Chimneys -
The Cake Boutique - http://www.thecakeboutique-
Bella Napoli Ipswich -
Alex Body -

Now, unlike a lot of sites you may visit this site serves no grand purpose for the universe. This has one reason and one reason alone, to allow me to play with various things and learn how to make various tools and apps. Over the years I've been able to mash various things together, and through a good old fashioned hack and slash approach I've been able to integrate things into my site. I have a custom built (and nowhere near perfect but good) blog/cms system, a customised CSS gallery (still in development but getting there) and a nice scrolling new bar thing up there at the top!

It really is just something I like doing. Feel free to have a look but I do apologize if anythign is out of order. I often spend far more time on other people's sites and neglect my own!

Thanks, Chris!

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